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I would check with your Dr. or Eye Dr. but I would think that any game that flickers or causes you to stare at a dim screen or with poor lighting in your room could do so especially if you play games for long times at a stretch. Try taking a few days off and see if it helps the eye strain as well maybe? Good luck! Eye Twitches | CooperVision Catching up on your rest is the first step to eliminating eye twitches. Stress: Our bodies are not designed to be under the stress most of us experience on a daily basis. Taking breaks during the day, deep breathing exercise, and meditation are just a few of the ways to reduce your stress level and keep an eye twitch from firing up. Best Games to Play as a New Streamer? : Twitch - reddit The quality of your stream will suffer if you play games you genuinely are bored with or don't want to play and viewers can tell. Growing a stream playing 'hyped' games or the top games is very difficult due to the saturation of people playing them and is almost guaranteed to fail if you don't already have your first 10 or 20 regulars.

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Twitch Viewers/Streamers: When is too much Variety "too much ... There are games that I love to play everyday, but in the long term, I'll either get... ... Thing is, I like a wide array of games: competitive multiplayer (StarCraft, .... say, Dark Souls and the next day the dude is playing Tales of Berseria lol) ..... Wow I just want to say this whole thread has been an eye opener.

Wear your glasses if you need them. Don't wear other people's glasses. Your eyes get sore if you watch a computer or TV screen for too long, so do lots of different things in your spare time (you need exercise, and so do your eyes). Looking directly at the sun (or any really bright light, including lightning) can damage your eyes. Shattered Chapter 17: A Familiar Face, a pokémon fanfic