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Can't get Extra Dog Slot mod to work Dragon Age: Origins Make a save with 4 members (dog in camp of course), restart and load the game, worked for me some times. If that didn't do, i saved, disabled the mod, reload, force the load, save again and reenable the mod, load again.As for mods, depends on whether or not it is in 'Dazip" format. Dragon Age: Origins - Экстра-слот для вашего Мабари. Моды для Dragon Age: Origins. Установка и инструкции. Экстра-слот для мабари. Этот небольшой, но полезный плагин дает вам взять с собой вашего псаМабари - друг истребителя мора. Установка: Запустите DAUpdater, перетащите туда Dazip файл и нажмите установить. Dragon Age World. Все о Dragon Age и Mass Effect. -… Extra Dog Slot. Дополнительный слот для собаки V1.4/RUS. Скачать с сервера (56.2 kb).Инсталяция: Используя DAUpdate, установите dao_extradogslot_rus.dazip. Всё! Интересных приключений Вам и Вашему любимцу. ( liruhik ).

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Spork’s list of recommended DA:O mods Extra Dog Slot – This lets you bring your dog along like in DA2 so you don’t have to waste a companion slot. Gift Guide – I stressed over gifts my first play through and wasted a lot of time reloading games to figure out who liked each gift best. This tells you who each gift is meant for. eden - Mod List (Dragon Age: Origins) Mod List (Dragon Age: Origins) Utilities DAModder (to install DAZIP files) CharGenMorph Compiler Change Hair & Face Anywhere General Skip the Fade Personal Annoyance Remover No Helmet Camp Merchant... The Stone Prisoner | Dragon Age Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Stone Prisoner is downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins. It is available for free on Xbox Live Marketplace, the PC, and the PlayStation Store. It is also included in the Ultimate Edition. The Stone Prisoner refers to the titular character of this downloadable content, Shale. In... Big List of Mods (Updated 1/14/2019) « Whuffie's Dragon Age Blog

-Extra Dog Slot This mod adds an item to your inventory, you can use this item to summon the dog and alternatively make him go away thus bypassing the limitMost mods I've listed don't use the dazip format but you may want to check this: -Guide for installing/uninstalling/updating Mods for Dragon Age.

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Extra Dog Slot and Extended Dog Talents in action. Why: Extra Dog Slot allows you to take your Mabari with you wherever you go, even if you fill your actual party slots with bipedal companions, by assigning it to a summoned creature slot instead.

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Extra Dog Slot - Dragon Age Origins Mods While the mini-slot is normally used for summoned creatures, this mod manages the slot so that the dog is a full blown party member and not a simple summon. All dialog options, banter and special events and abilities involving the dog will still work.

Extra Dog Slot at Dragon Age - mods and community This mod allows the dog to tag along with the PC for most of the game as a fifth companion residing in the top-most available summon slot. (summon slots Can't get Extra Dog Slot mod to work - Dragon Age: Origins ...